Uncover the Hidden Gems of Street Art with Self-Guided Graffiti Tours

Graffiti tours and street art have become very popular in recent years, with colorful, cheerful and thought-provoking tours that inspire and excite! Let’s understand a little more about this phenomenon of graffiti tours in Tel Aviv and throughout the country.

Guided graffiti tour or self-guided virtual tour?

Well, let’s start by explaining for a moment the difference between a regular guided tour and a self-guided or virtual tour. The classic guided tour is one in which you meet the guide that everyone knows, join a group of travelers at a meeting point, and the guide leads them together from site to site, dependent on each other. In contrast, in a self-guided graffiti tour, you can go on the tour at any time you want and with whoever you want, an excellent option for tours during the days of the coronavirus, when we are currently (at the time of writing) in which the tour is only for you, you meet the guide only through the screen, it is true that the personal connection is somewhat affected, but at the same time, you can browse or skip what is less interesting to you and invest more time in the parts that interest you on the tour. You purchase the self-guided tour on the website like any other internet product, immediately after the purchase, access will be opened to you, and you can start the tour. For more information on how a self-guided tour works, click here.

Why a self-guided graffiti tour?

Well, after understanding the differences between a self-guided graffiti tour and a classic graffiti tour, I think you need to ask yourself, what is important to you? Since on a graffiti tour, we deal with the creations and “speaking” walls, it is important to have the freedom to stop, pause, and observe the works that interest us most, and move on to the next work only when we are ready, rather than having to follow the pace of the group. Moreover, the self-guided tour option provides maximum flexibility and convenience in terms of time and location, so you can fit it into your busy schedule and choose the places you want to explore. Additionally, you can experience a more personal connection with the art, as you can interpret and experience the works in your way and in your own rhythm, without external influences. In short, the self-guided graffiti tour is an excellent option for anyone who values ​​independence, flexibility, and a personal experience.

Here is a small example of an explanatory video from the independent graffiti tour in Florentin:

YouTube video

What is the difference between graffiti and street art?

The difference depends on who you ask and from what perspective you are looking at it. Here are some different approaches:

Graffiti = graf = writing: If it’s not written, it’s not graffiti, but rather street art. Graffiti deals with written messages and letters. Some argue that graffiti is the only art that still deals with calligraphy, that is, the art of the written letter, something we all have moved away from to typing.

Tagging: Some argue that only “tags” are considered graffiti, and everything else is considered street art. A tag is a street name, a signature of the artist or his team. Sometimes it is written in a rush, and sometimes with great investment. It is usually very difficult to understand the writing, and only those who are in the know and interested will be able to read it. What motivates its writing? Marking territory? Social boasting? Changing the face of the street? Ego wars? (*All answers are correct)

Spontaneity: Vandals will say that only spontaneous creation, without any planning and a bombing creation, is considered graffiti, and everything else is a tamed evolution of the end of the 20th century. Equal.

The information is from Michal Karak’s graffiti tour.

Using the app for a self-guided tour

It is known that downloading an app can be a bit cumbersome for some people. Today’s technology allows us to create websites that are “like an app,” meaning you can get the full experience without downloading any app to your mobile device. If you choose to download an app, it can be one of the apps that contribute to the development of street art and graffiti culture.

How much does it cost to organize a graffiti tour for a group? And what if I have a low budget?

In general, a professional guide in a specific field can cost between 1200-2500 NIS + VAT, depending on what you actually receive, the guide’s name, and additional parameters, but that is the ballpark price range. If you don’t have a lot of money to pay such a price for a graffiti tour, you can get the highest-quality graffiti tour at a really low price, as a self-guided tour! For example, a group of 20 people can purchase 4-5 permits and go on a tour for a few hundred shekels (including VAT) for each tour! And then come back again with the family. A self-guided tour is an excellent solution for groups that do not have a high budget for a team-building day, or who want to save more budget for the restaurant.

To summarize – a self-guided graffiti tour Currently, there is a self-guided graffiti tour in Florentin and a graffiti tour at the Central Station, both tours are highly recommended and we recommend them with all our heart, and beyond that, there are many other options for self-guided tours in Tel Aviv and in general.