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Go - a self guided walking tour App

Update version and join to Go. the most interesting and relevant content, the hottest places in town, are provided with a technology wrap that will allow you to enjoy a self-guided independent tour. (No need to download an app from the store)

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You don’t need to download an app from any store, Go works as a web app, It feels like an app.

What is a Self Guided Tour

  • Go is a self guided tour that works on your device.
  • The most attractive tours written by the best local tour guides
  • You just need to choose a tour, pay and its on your device
  • It’s up to you, but We recommend one permission for up to 4 people around one device
  • You can take tor tour in your time
  • Your timing is important to us, come whenever it`s convenient for you.
  • Only with your friends
  • Take your time, seat in a coffee shop or take photos, no need to run
  • Some tours include riddles and missions to make the experience more interactive
  • Interactive tour in Attractive price
  • Purchase the selected tour on the site, during the purchase you will open a username and you will receive an email confirmation and invoice.
  • The tour restricted content will be available your you for 14 days, you must be logged in
  • Log in from your mobile / tablet, go to the beginning location and start the tour

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