Graffiti tour in Florentin neighborhood – TLV

Discover the Vibrant Street Art Scene with a Self-Guided Graffiti Tour in Florentin, Tel Aviv



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Price: 99 ILS

Number of participants: Each user can purchase a subscription that provides free access with one device simultaneously for all activity content for 14 days. It is recommended for up to 3 people around one phone.
To purchase an additional subscription, ask a friend in your group to purchase the subscription from their phone and with their email.

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Michal Krak

Michal Kark is a graffiti researcher and guide since 2010, living in Florentin and communicating with the walls, which always respond. She guides cultural and art tours in Tel Aviv. She holds a bachelor's degree in art from Tel Aviv University.

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Discover the vibrant world of street art on our self-guided Graffiti tour in Florentin

Tel Aviv’s most colorful neighborhood. With your mobile phone as your guide, explore the hidden gems of this bustling area and learn about the talented artists who make it come alive with their stunning, subversive, and mysterious creations.

As you make your way from one location to the next, our video and audio explanations will give you a deeper understanding of the techniques, terms, and messages behind each piece of graffiti. With maps and directions provided, you can take your time and explore at your own pace, immersing yourself in the unique culture of street art in Tel Aviv.

Whether you’re a seasoned street art enthusiast or a curious traveler looking for a new experience, our Graffiti tour in Florentin is the perfect way to discover the heart of this vibrant neighborhood. Book now and get ready to uncover the secrets of this dynamic and exciting art form.

  • Update: In November 2022, we updated and filmed the entire tour again! Get your cameras ready – it’s a particularly photogenic tour.
  • The tour includes video clips at each station and many audio files. The video was translated using artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Maybe you were looking for the Hebrew version?: סיור גרפיטי בתל אביב
  • Important! You must have a stable internet connection during the tour.
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Start and End

Start: Elifelet Garden
End: Herzl Street, a few minutes walk back to the starting point
Parking: There is a parking lot right in front of Elifelet Garden.


  • One purchase will win one subscription, meaning you can use one device in parallel.
  • There is no limit to the number of participants around the phone/tablet.
  • Usually, it’s very comfortable for two people, if you are more (3-4) it is recommended to bring a small speaker or another person from your group can purchase an additional permission under a different username (email address) than yours.

You order the tour here on the website, and soon you will receive instructions by email with a username and invoice. You are ready to go out ->> The content will be open for you for 14 days from the moment of ordering ->> To view the content, you need to be connected to the website via mobile or tablet. Connect and arrive at the starting point of the activity.

In every activity you purchase, weeks or months are invested so that you get the best there is! In practice, you will receive a personal guidance experience in which the guide is with you on the phone, in prepared video clips, audio recordings, and more. At each station, you have a map (like Google Maps) where you can see yourself and the next point, with a written explanation of how to get to the next point and also a photo of the path, to make it easy for you to arrive.

  • Research shows that one of the important factors in building the experience is authenticity.
  • With our help, you can go out to a very invested and authentic experience, without another 30 people and a guide over your head.
  • Go out on the road at any time or date that is convenient for you without depending on a group and the time constraints of others.
  • Stop in the middle for coffee or a restaurant and continue…