Discover Jaffa: Mobile Treasure Hunt Adventure

Explore Jaffa’s Hidden Treasures with Discover Jaffa – A Thrilling Mobile Adventure


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Price: 169 ILS

Team Name: Please write your name/family/group name, it’s not critical.

Permission (seats) = The option to use one device simultaneously. If you are a couple or a small family wanting to play individually, you can purchase one permission. If you are a larger group and wish to compete among teams, then buy one permission for each team. For example, 4 permissions = 4 teams or 4 devices that can access the content simultaneously.

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דורון יושע

Doron Yosha

Tour guide in Israel and a creator of 'Treasure Hunt'-style games, the owner of BeeTravel, specializing in experiential content.

More information about Discover Jaffa: Mobile Treasure Hunt Adventure

Step outside the box and join the fun with ‘Discover Jaffa,’ a unique mobile-based treasure hunt game set in Old Jaffa. The entire game unfolds right on your mobile phone!

You can play with whomever you want, at your own pace, and start whenever you like – even right now! After years of expertise in creating experiential content, where we design games in the ‘treasure hunt’ style, we’ve transformed our immersive ‘Discover Jaffa’ adventure into a digital experience accessible through your mobile phone.

Curious about how it works?

Our activity is like a modern-day treasure hunt, but with a unique twist. You’ll explore Old Jaffa through engaging videos, text, and audio, all accessible on your phone. Dive into intriguing tasks and questions of various difficulty levels. By the end, you’ll have unforgettable memories, a deeper knowledge of Old Jaffa’s hidden gems, and a souvenir collection of photos and videos. The winning team? The one with the most correct answers and the highest score!

Where does the game start and end in Jaffa?

The game starts at Clock Square in Old Jaffa, and you can park for free in the nearby streets. At the beginning of the route, there are restroom facilities. The activity is suitable for all days of the week. On Saturdays, some of the locations in the flea market are closed. Along the route, you’ll find many restaurants, and the game ends at the flea market, just a minute from Clock Square. Among the sites you’ll visit are Clock Square, Sabil Suleiman, The Seraya and Hammam, amazing viewpoints, Kedumim Square and the churches, the most beautiful alleys in Old Jaffa, Jaffa Port, the floating orange tree, the flea market, and more.

  • After purchasing the game, you’ll have access to the game content for 14 days.
  • You can only answer the game’s questions once.
  • The activity is self-guided, meaning you’ll have all the information you need on your phone.
  • You can purchase one pass and compete against anyone who has played the game before, or you can buy multiple passes and compete with those who do the game with you on the same day.
  • An internet connection is required to complete the activity.
  • For groups, you can organize a mission-style game for teams on a budget! Just order multiple passes and go out as a group.
  • The activity content was originally created in Hebrew and translated into English using
    AI translation. Minor errors may occur.

Scroll Tour Images

Start and End

Starting Point: Clock Square
Ending Point: The Flea Market, near Clock Square
Parking: Free parking is available on the streets nearby or at the Zalda Street parking lot.


  • One purchase will win one subscription, meaning you can use one device in parallel.
  • There is no limit to the number of participants around the phone/tablet.
  • Usually, it’s very comfortable for two people, if you are more (3-4) it is recommended to bring a small speaker or another person from your group can purchase an additional permission under a different username (email address) than yours.

You order the tour here on the website, and soon you will receive instructions by email with a username and invoice. You are ready to go out ->> The content will be open for you for 14 days from the moment of ordering ->> To view the content, you need to be connected to the website via mobile or tablet. Connect and arrive at the starting point of the activity.

In every activity you purchase, weeks or months are invested so that you get the best there is! In practice, you will receive a personal guidance experience in which the guide is with you on the phone, in prepared video clips, audio recordings, and more. At each station, you have a map (like Google Maps) where you can see yourself and the next point, with a written explanation of how to get to the next point and also a photo of the path, to make it easy for you to arrive.

  • Research shows that one of the important factors in building the experience is authenticity.
  • With our help, you can go out to a very invested and authentic experience, without another 30 people and a guide over your head.
  • Go out on the road at any time or date that is convenient for you without depending on a group and the time constraints of others.
  • Stop in the middle for coffee or a restaurant and continue…

The game is structured very similarly to a tour, with questions and tasks at each station that earn you points when answered. The experience is more interactive and suitable for all ages!