The old city of Jerusalem Tour

The old city of Jerusalem holds many treasures. Great markets, Holy sites, colorful people and much more. The tour offers an opportunity for those who want to understand the complexity of the city and enjoy its beauty. For your convenience we planned a circular tour that starts at a parking point. 

The route has quite a few stops and in most of them we created three types of videos. The first one explains our stop and gives some basic information about it. We named the second video “what is that” and it contains some more information about things we can see from this point.  The Third video is a spotlight on a small item or information that will hopefully show you a different point of view of the place and of Jerusalem.

* 7 Locations
* 23 Video explanations

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  1. איתי אביטל (verified owner)

    המסלול מכסה היטב חלקים רבים מהעיר העתיקה והסרטונים קולעים, והוראות המעבר בין הנקודות ברורות מאוד.
    יתרה מכך, הצוות עמד לרשותנו לפתרון בעיות, כך שאמנם ההדרכה מוקלטת, אבל אתם לא לבד.


    • דורון יושע

      תודה איתי!

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