What to do in the Old city? 5 Tips you must read!

Are you planning to visit the Old City of Jerusalem today or tomorrow? Don’t miss the top five recommendations to visit the Old City, what to do in the Old City? You will soon know.

Where to park in the Old city? And where are secret parking spaces?

It’s important to know that you can’t enter the old city with a private car, the old city parking lots are not intended for visitors, only to the residents of the old city or for special permits, so save yourself the attempt to get into the old city by car from Jaffa Gate. Where can I park? There are some paid parking lots, the most comfortable is to look for the Mamilla parking lot or the carta parking, prices are updated occasionally. The possibility of blue-and-white (City public parking) can be found on Mount Zion, there is the Mount Zion parking lot. Don’t get confused with the parking lot of the Mount Zion Hotel, this is something else, the Park Mount Zion parking is less familiar and serves a lot of Jerusalemites and the people who know it, there is parking and you can pay a city parking payment, and, more suitable for those who want to get to the Western Wall or visit Mount Zion sites. During the rush hours, it’s hard to find a place, but if you come in the morning, you’ll find a lot of parking. Here is a link to the Mount Zion parking lot in Google maps.
One last recommendation for secret parking in “White Blue” when you go to the Old City is the parking lot next to the King David Hotel, on Admoni Street. This is a very small street that in most cases I checked (2020) I found parking really easy, just look at WAZE Admoni Street, from there to the Old City it’s a few minutes walk.

Where to visit and what to do in the Old city?

Entering the Old City from Jaffa Gate, anyone looking for what to do in the Old City will receive a recommendation to “Enter from Jaffa Gate” and why? Because it is the most accessible gateway to tourists and visitors, the recommendations of the parking we brought here in the article refer to the Jaffa Gate. The Jaffa Gate leads to David Street and the central market, where it is convenient to reach the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, to the Jewish quarter.

Here is a brief explanation of Jaffa Gate from a self-guided tour in Jerusalem

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Visiting the Holy SepulcherIf you have not byte in the church of the tomb in your life, you must visit her, if you were in it so it is clear that the visit to the church is so complicated and profound, and what you have to see and do so that you must go there again, here is a short video, in which Yishai Shavit tells of the Church, out of A self-guided tour of the Old City of Jerusalem.

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What to eat in the Old city of Jerusalem?

Maybe you came to the Old City just for the special and authentic food of Jerusalem? If not, you will know that there are lots of people who come to the Old City to eat, go on culinary tours and get to know the city through the taste buds.
In hummus, yes hummus is one of the best foods of the ancient city and some of the best hummus in the world are really here! Who is the original Abu Kshuri? Want to know? Abu Shukri or Ziad Restaurant is down the Hanaka Street, here is a link to Humusia on Google Maps. It is a relatively small hummus, everything here is really tasty and fresh, there is one secret dish here that only the local Jerusalemites know, calling it “Odyssey” (Jerusalem) if you ask for it you will give Ziad a big smile.

Tour to the original Abu Shukry
Tour to the original Abu Shukry

And what for dessert? We’ll recommend the best “Knafe” in Jerusalem of Jaafar swits It is a very old family business, where you will find almost all types of candy, with special names and flavors, but the main thing here is Knafe. So if you were looking for where to eat Knafe in the Old City? Here’s the answer, and as a small bonus, get a video we shot of seeing Khalil the chef preparing the famous Knafe in the country!

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Where to drink coffee in the old city?

Of course, you can’t finish the tour without an Asali Original Arab coffee, one that will leave your aroma in your mouth for the next time you visit the Old City. Our recommendation is to go to the cotton market for Abu Musa’s coffee, where you will be seated in a magic atmosphere at the entrance to the Temple Mount, between the Nargila and Masbachot, to the sounds of the musks and you can sip the best coffee in the old city of Jerusalem.

Here’s a glimpse of Abu Musa’s coffee in the cotton market from the independent culinary tour (Its in Hebrew)

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And in conclusion, what to do in the Old City of Jerusalem today?

So I hope you’ve got the winning tips here and now you already know what to do in the Old City, our recommendation in any case is to go with a self-guided tour, you will find all the self-guided tours in Jerusalem here on site, there is a wide range and especially in the Old City. Have a great trip to the Old City.